Born in Island of Borneo, Malaysia. An architect, artist and curator based in Hong Kong. He studied at the Southern California Institute of Architecture and one year in stage production at the Juilliard School. In 2000, he received a professional degree in Architecture at The Cooper Union in New York City. A recipient of the coveted Marion O. and Maximilian E. Hoffman Rome Prize in Architecture and in 2007, was named as Fellow of the American Academy in Rome.

He concentrates on the development of exhibition culture in architecture and confluence how contemporary buildings are understood in cultural landscape. The projects integrate artistic practices within the work of architecture in installation, exhibition, and curatorial practice, collaboration with visual and performance artists. He is founder of DEHOWPROJECTS, an art and architecture practice based in Hong Kong dedicated to developing cultural projects.

He is the recipient of numerous international awards including Shinkenchiku-sha, Central Glass, Graham Foundation, ENYA Prize and American Academy in Rome. His research and work has been published internationally in Wall Street Journal, Asia CNN, CCTV, Shinkenchiku, LEAP, Japan Architects, Domus, UIA Tokyo, AREA, Artforum, and among others. His writing featured in Hong Kong supplement of LEAP magazine, Journal Art of Architecture,  Bilbao Arte, and introductory chapter for “Open City: An Existential Approach” (Charta, 2015.) His book includes “On the Edge: Ten Architects on the China” (Rizzoli, 2007) with Ian Luna and forthcoming “Cloud of Unknowing: A City with Seven Streets” (Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 2015.)

As an emerging curator, Tsang’s curatorial approach reflects the problem of display facing architecture and museum. In 2014, invited together with Roan-Ching-yueh, to curate the first time themed exhibition ‘Cloud of Unknowing: A City with Seven Streets’ at the Taipei Fine Art Museum on the urban spatiality of East Asia where they scaled museum ground into streets, according to China Times voted #5 “Taiwan’s Top Ten Public Exhibition in 2014.” As architect and curator, Miniature Museum in Beijing, through his curatorial program under auspice of Grand Opening Projects includes composer Ken Ueno turning the building into a large wind instrument “Jericho’s Mouth” (2014) and world’s smallest museum Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp in Switzerland (2015). Appointed as the first architect curator for the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Art in Architecture Station (2014-2017). He is a collaborator with Aaron Betsky for the 2015 Shenzhen-Hong Kong Urbanism\ Architecture Bi-City Biennale and recently nominated for Chief Curator by Yung Ho Chang for the West Bund 2015: A Biennial of Architecture and Contemporary Art in Shanghai.

As an artist, he collaborated with performance and conceptual artists. For the Social Factory 10th Shanghai Biennale “Windows on the World” (2014) with Ming Wong and “MonoPanoRoma” (2014) for the Mobile Biennale 1 at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, a temporary pavilion “M+Mound” (2013) Mobile M+ Inflation! in Hong Kong, one of the largest contemporary art exhibitions ever mounted in the city to date with 150,000 people visiting, and currently developing an opera project with Opera Cabal and composer from UC Berkeley on “HKGraft” (2015-16) focuses on the relationship between space and sound, particularly the use of sound to activate vacant spaces. His solo exhibition includes ‘MonoMiniDome: Cornice’ (2014) at the Garden City Art Space in Taipei and ‘Lost and Found: Rome in 50 Pieces’ (2007) at the American Academy in Rome. His work has been exhibited internationally including 4th Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale, Chicago Architecture Foundation, Center for Architecture in New York, Artissima in Turin, and among others. He delivered over 30 lectures and conferences of his works and participate in Open Platform 2015 | Asia Art Archive at the Art Basel Hong Kong.

In 2014, he have been nominated as individual accomplishments for the 2015 Wheelwright Prize, 13th Taishin Arts Award for Visual Arts and recipient for the prestigious Civitella Ranieri Foundation Fellowship (2015-16) in Italy for Visual Arts, first time an architect received this award.

A faculty member at the University of Hong Kong, currently Coordinator of Year 2 Design studio, specialize teaching in art and architecture in the Faculty Foundation Course in Visual Culture and postgraduate Research Seminar in Visual Culture, and as Coordinator for HKU 5th LIXIL competition in Japan. As Coordinator for the Public Lecture Series for the Department of Architecture includes Local/Locus (Fall 2013), Tech/Tech (Spring 2013) and Sustain/Support (Fall 2014) over 50 events dedicated to fostering new forms of architecture discourse informed by emerging practices.

He is co-curator for the Hong Kong Exhibition for the 16th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale. Currently, chief editor of Occupy, a new revamped journal of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects. 




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